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Apr 4th 2024: Current version is 1.48. Any bugs seen please email andrew@str8ts.com. In addition to the ability to scroll through game moves in the top 20 today's best scores are also shown but without solutions.

Welcome to this original word puzzle from Jeff Widderich and Andrew Stuart. Letterlicious allows crossword and Scrabble fans to show off their skills. Compete against the rest of the world for the highest score and best arrangement of words. Letterlicious is not timed. You have all day to build a perfect crossword. The space on the board and the letter selection and sequence are your only limiting factors.

Objective: Score the most points by using the letters from the tray to build a crossword puzzle.

Letter tray: the seven rows of nine small letters are to be used as follows:

1. All or a selection of the letters in the top row are to be used to build the first word. These are marked in yellow+red text.

2. After placing your letters any new words will be checked and validated. Bad words will highlight in red. Good words will highlight in green. You must also connect the words to previous words. If you have no bad words the "Submit" button will turn green. You must press "Submit" to unlock the next set of letters.

3. Any letter used to build your first word has exposed some or all letters directly below in the second row. These 'exposed' letters can now be used to build your second word. Each turn you have a maximum of nine letters at your disposal.

4. The space in the tray can be used to place more words. In effect the board is growing when letters are used from the tray.

Scoring: complete a row or column and score the corresponding points. Additionally, four letter words score a bonus point, five letter words +2 points and so on. The longer your words the greater the bonus points.

When you have finished all the letters or gone as far as you can, you can "Save Your Game".
You will need to create an account (at the top) and be logged in to save.

Your solution can be compared to everyone else's and if your score is high enough, your solution will be displayed in our top 10.
Congratulations if you manage this achievement!
If you want to contact us about this puzzle, do write to andrew@str8ts.com
Created on 9-November-2010.
This page was last modified on 18-Apr-2024

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