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Our Dutch Puzzle Word List

We are using the offical Dutch Scrabble list for 2 and 3 letter words.

We are using the Open Source Dutch word list made available from http://www.opentaal.org/ which seems a good start. In June 2013 this contained 164,313 words. I deleted any word with numbers, hypens spaces aand accents apart from some with certain accents. I also removed duplicates, one letter words and words longer than 14 letters (which wont fit on the game). This left 126,769.

August 2013 - added more words to take the total to 198,566.

Ideally I'd like to replace this list with a Scrabble list and I will continue to look for a free version.
Check a Dutch Word

If you want to check the Dutch word list you may do so here. The form below allows you to check again if a word is present in our list.

Article created on 4-June-2013.
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