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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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To#404: I am a little bit late, but came to six different solutions,all correct. Is that possible?




by: ghw

Thanks, hone.
My favourite today - CE and standard tools.


by: Jan

Very nice, a progression of wings and one very early naked triple lead to 18 unsolved cells, at which point a 4-cell head chain is needed in order to solve the puzzle.


by: Stefan

Thank you, hone, wonderful puzzle.
No chain needed, fishes, settis and CE are enough.


by: Harm

@hone: thanks for this very nice and demanding puzzle.
@Jan: at your point with 18 unsolved Setti on 6 solves.


by: hp

Thank you hone for another masterpiece


by: Jan

Harm: You are correct, of course!


by: Christoph

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Excellent puzzle, hone! Thanks.
CE and standard tools, no chain, no UR.



an additional B9=4 turns it into a rather moderate one


by: Leren

I tried something similar. A few single extra clue positions create a moderate puzzle but nothing to tempt the regulars. Hence my alternative.


by: batzschrabat

Maybe I'm not a regular anymore, but I like both of your alternatives. Klaus' one is chainless and to solve Leren's one I needed just a very short head-chain in the end.


by: Klaus

Hi batzschrabat,

nice to hear from you again, hope youre doing well...


by: Christoph

Thanks, Klaus. With your hint it is straight forward without chain.


by: kmr

Both puzzles are nice and have a good level of difficulty. Also needed a small chain for Leren's version and came along fine with Klaus' hint. Thanks to both of you.


by: hp

very nice with Klaus hint
CE and three applications of BCA
thank you Klaus, maybe this is the beginning of Releases of new high end puzzles from you


by: KDN

Add to this thread
Thanks Klaus for your hint. Solvable str8t forward


Andrew's puzzle seemed a bit chainy this week.

Here is an alternative set of clues that might be more enjoyable:



by: pax

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Nice one, Leren. Standard and a short SI.

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  • 45 min with the hint and without guessy,,,but second try...one x wing exspecially for puzzeled one
       - efchen - 1 day ago
  • 35 min.; needed the hint
       - joeB - 1 day ago
  • 32' with help and all the tricks
       - flowermount - 1 day ago
  • 20 min, with Klaus' hint.
       - jgrab - 2 days ago
  • 25 min with the hint
       - schaaf - 2 days ago
  • 34' with hint - quite standard
       - selecti - 2 days ago
  • 50 min with settis and a chain.
       - mv - 2 days ago
  • Done in a couple of hours without the hint.Needed chains.
       - mparmen - 2 days ago
  • 45 min with hint.
       - Boerny - 2 days ago
  • 45 min: with the hint a nice one. X-wings and setties
       - Cosmanita - 2 days ago
  • 22min with Klaus' hint - no chance to do it on my own :-)
       - onnola - 2 days ago
  • 27' with the hint - still puts up a fight with it, unexpected x-wing leads to the solution
       - Jan - 2 days ago
  • 22 min - But I tried it twice with the hint
       - Elfriede - 2 days ago
  • 45' with Klaus' hint. Thanks for that
       - KDN - 2 days ago
  • 41 min with hint
       - D-Day - 2 days ago
  • 22 min with Klaus' hint, otherwise not doable for me
       - Alex - 2 days ago
  • nice one with the hint ;)
       - silke - 2 days ago
  • 40min with hint
       - COM - 2 days ago
  • what a beast! First, tried it on my own - without any success. Using Klaus's hint, I needed 21 min and one lucky guess
       - un - 2 days ago
  • 41' with Klaus' hint
       - Hel - 2 days ago
  • With Klaus' hint very enjoyable. Thanks to both Andrew and Klaus
       - Toni - 2 days ago
  • 19 min, with the hint straightforward
       - easydoesit - 2 days ago
  • 33" with hint from Klaus
       - Bassam - 2 days ago
  • @Puzzled one - see Klaus' hint below in the forum
       - KDN - 2 days ago
  • Hey loser, what hint for b9?
       - Puzzled one - 2 days ago
  • 20 min - chainless, but used the B9 hint
       - Loser - 2 days ago
  • 50' But needed a guess.
       - Peppi - 2 days ago
  • 123 min
       - Kurt - 2 days ago