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For those of us in self-isolation or quarantine with too much time on their hands, I have expanded the Str8ts puzzles to a new 'every two-days' series. Check out the new player. Stay well.
Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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shortest path i found was Setti 5 followed by Setti 7


by: Klaus


shortest path i found

X-Wing on 3, swordfish on 1, jellyfish on 5, x-wing on 5, 6-fish on 7


by: Jan

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hp is indeed correct!

The 3-wing on 1 followed by setti on 8 also works well, but needs tue x-wing-based reduction of H9 to 14.




by: kris

Wonderful puzzle, step by step, finally CE in box 6 was the key.
Thanks kst!


by: Martinus

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CE on one diagonal combined with x restrictions made the breakthrough. Nice, thanks!


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by: Flo

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Hard work for me.


A SI at the bottom right cleared the diagonal.

After standard work and bent X-wings on 6s, H2 in conjunction with diagonal F6-J9 and Column 7, quickly cleared high and low for row F.




by: charliepat

I was stuck for some time. A careful consideration of the possibilities in col. 6 lead to the solution. A very nice challenge!


by: Toni

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Definitely the hardest one of the 5 puzzles this week. While the other 4 were rather 'easy', this one was a real challenge . Thank you once more, Andrew and kst


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Discussion of Andrew's Extreme Str8ts Puzzle, Weekly Edition #633, Aug 7 - Aug 13:

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  • 15' only settis, quite easy
       - optimator - 1 hour ago
  • 33‘ Several attempts - too silly for a first right accounter….
       - Spinner - 1 day ago
  • 25 min, 2 settis
       - MoHo - 1 day ago
  • 17 min - nice, with settis
       - Susan - 1 day ago
  • 15'. Nice and straightforward with wings and settis.
       - matt - 1 day ago
  • 31 min. - just settis
       - Nessie - 1 day ago
  • 26 min - nice challenge, logic
       - Beate - 1 day ago
  • 23' few settis
       - Bassam - 1 day ago
  • 25 min, wings, settis, logic
       - Torsten&Irina - 1 day ago
  • 27'
       - Richard - 1 day ago
  • 37 min - settis and logic and x-wings, I like it
       - Roby - 1 day ago
  • 46' with one lucky guess and settis
       - Andreas - 1 day ago
  • 38 min - 2 mal gut geraten ...
       - Rot - 1 day ago
  • @hopplahierkommich: 30 min and more a 4* - you see the discrepance?
       - Fred - 1 day ago
  • Surprising 3-wing, a setti, a double x-wing, that is it
       - Jan - 1 day ago
  • 25 min - little thinking about column 4 and a lucky guess in B2. Done it on Sunday without hint needing. YES!
       - Susi - 1 day ago
  • 30 min, nice but more a 4*
       - hopplahierkommich - 1 day ago
  • 25' at second attempt. Logic, wings and settis
       - Manfred - 1 day ago
  • Teil 2 (2): ... Kein X-Wing zu finden, Setti-Zählerei und dergleichen ist mir zu nervig. So long...
       - Fred - 1 day ago
  • 27 min, nice and easy, logic and a few settis did it
       - charliepat - 1 day ago
  • Teil 1 (2): Ich komme mit Logik bis zu einem gewissen Punkt (bisschen weiter als der Solver), das war's dann. ...
       - Fred - 1 day ago
  • 25 min. - easier than last week, but nice. Settis and x-wings. Thank You for the fun.
       - Axel - 1 day ago
  • 22´- ich denke es war rein logisch, Vielleicht hatte ich aber auch einen Gedankenschluss, der sich logisch anfühlte und nur Glück war
       - ihgs - 1 day ago
  • 39; some settis and dead is.
       - abracadabra - 1 day ago
  • 26 min. Settis, wings, and logic. Nice
       - juehe - 1 day ago
  • i was blind for a long time, after praying i could see again. done, nice one.
       - puzzled one - 1 day ago
  • 24' thanks to Rübennase and his 1s
       - Ollie - 1 day ago
  • 37' wc, much slower than morl
       - Hel - 1 day ago
  • 25' - Setti's rule.
       - A B Traherne - 1 day ago
  • I think there are different ways to solve. I used wing - Setti - UR - Setti.
       - jgrab - 1 day ago