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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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No takers for a standard puzzle? Well, alright then.



by: jgrab

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Thanks; a good challenge! Didn't know how to decide on the last few cells without a chain probe. DEF 4 and 6: Which is which at the end?


I've been getting a Privacy Certificate expired warning for the Str8ts pages. Anyone else seeing this ?


by: witch

me too


by: Leren

Bypassing the privacy warning I can't see the puzzle in Chrome, but I can see it in Edge. Also, I've emailed Andrew about the problem.


by: Maily

me too


by: milkyjoe

same for me, got the privacy warning, too


by: hp

me too


by: jgrab

me too


by: The Rascals' Mom

Same problem here


by: KDN&ThomasF

Us too


by: Leren

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Pleased to say that Andrew has responded to my alert and has renewed the SSL certificate for the forum, whatever that is :)




Perhaps someone else would like to post a standard puzzle.


by: jgrab

Found this very hard. Only a chain on J1 helped me.


by: ThomasF

like jgrab


by: KDN

Like jgrab
Thanks@Leren, I like the X puzzles


by: Harm

I had to get used to this X puzzles, but this one was great. Also needed a headchain using the diagonals.


by: Tati

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Not too hard, thank you

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  • appr. 1 hour (clock doesnt work!), found the decisive swordfish 9 after 40 min, then setties one by one
       - Lewandowski - 3 hours ago
  • 22 min - nice!
       - Stef - 4 hours ago
  • 31'.Very nice one using settis.
       - mparmen - 4 hours ago
  • 8 min. easy after swordfish 9
       - morl - 6 hours ago
  • cool! 13 min ;)
       - Flo - 7 hours ago
  • 38' Settis and X-Wings
       - selecti - 8 hours ago
  • 1 hour, Setti did the trick! Lovely
       - Emma - 8 hours ago
  • 32'; settis only, relaxing
       - u - 8 hours ago
  • 30# settis
       - Sabine - 9 hours ago
  • 19` nice and easy
       - Torsten - 10 hours ago
  • 30', settis
       - tam - 10 hours ago
  • Very nice! 18'
       - Marc - 10 hours ago
  • 67 --> like a diesel: It takes me a while to get up to speed. But then...
       - Dietmar - 11 hours ago
  • nice and not too easy; 30 mn.
       - Stadtlicht - 11 hours ago
  • 32 min Settis
       - jgrab - 11 hours ago
  • 26' - overlooked the obvious setti at first 8-(
       - Jan - 12 hours ago
  • 26 min looked hopeless at first, but then a few settis and the rest pure logic
       - juehe - 13 hours ago
  • 18 min: just settis - nice one
       - JimKnopf - 13 hours ago
  • 36' only a few settis, nice one
       - KDN - 13 hours ago
  • 35', Settis do it
       - ThomasF - 13 hours ago
  • 20 min
       - Loser - 14 hours ago
  • Firefox reports that this site's security certificate ceased to be valid.
       - guardian - 14 hours ago
  • 50 usually i have to fight for every cell. Today, I found one nut to crack, then all fell into the right places
       - Gregor - 15 hours ago
  • 36' flat
       - Greg - 15 hours ago
  • 67 min
       - Kurt - 15 hours ago
  • 1h, seldom but again, solved it with my little tool box. great start in a sunny sunday
       - puzzled one - 16 hours ago
  • 42 min. Only settis and logic. A good start in the morning
       - Martin - 16 hours ago
  • 20' - settis
       - witch - 18 hours ago
  • Settis and then logic.
       - Benny_42 - 18 hours ago
  • Couple of Fish. Also solves without clue in F1
       - Leren - 18 hours ago