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Our German Puzzle Dictionary

Letterlicious uses a word list to work out what words are valid. The German word list is extremely extensive reflecting the German language with its many compounds and conjugations. We use the list provided by Gerald Gerhard Illing.

Herr Illing is a member of Scrabble eV, the official German association for Scrabble. In 2010 and also in 2011 he acted as official referee for the German championship in Scrabble

Together with Sebastian Herzog (President of Scrabble Ev) and some other friends they formulated together with the Duden editorial department the official German regulations for the validity of words in tournaments. He also works as an editor for Impressum and http://17085.homepagemodules.de/?cat=102, the two leading homepages for Scrabble in Germany.

Herr Illing's dictionary is divided into three sections
  1. the words included in RECHTSCHREIBDUDEN (RD - it´s the major section and Scrabble eV only/still accepts words which are listed in RD)
  3. the third (small) section named FREESTYLE includes some shorter words from other dictionarys
Letterlicious uses words from RECHTSCHREIBDUDEN

Check a word in the list

But no matter how diligent we try to be there will be some common words we have missed (plurals for example). The left hand form below allows you to check again if a word is present in our list, and the right hand form allow you to send us a new word. If we think the word is valid we will add it to our list. We will be approving new words after the current puzzle has passed. You can check words between 3 and 12 characters, but only words between 5 to 12 characters long will be considered for additions.
Note: Proper names and normally capitcalised words will not be accepted - as per Scrabble rules.
Article created on 17-November-2010.
This page was last modified on 04-Jan-2023