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Our Dutch Puzzle Dictionary

Letterlicious uses a word list to work out what words are valid. We are using the offical Dutch Scrabble list for 2 and 3 letter words.

We are using the Open Source Dutch word list made available from http://www.opentaal.org/ which seems a good start. In June 2013 this contained 164,313 words. I deleted any word with numbers, hypens spaces aand accents apart from some with certain accents. I also removed duplicates, one letter words and words longer than 14 letters (which wont fit on the game). This left 126,769.

August 2013 - added more words to take the total to 198,566.

Ideally I'd like to replace this list with a Scrabble list and I will continue to look for a free version.

Check a word in the list

But no matter how diligent we try to be there will be some common words we have missed (plurals for example). The left hand form below allows you to check again if a word is present in our list, and the right hand form allow you to send us a new word. If we think the word is valid we will add it to our list. We will be approving new words after the current puzzle has passed. You can check words between 3 and 12 characters, but only words between 5 to 12 characters long will be considered for additions.
Note: Proper names and normally capitcalised words will not be accepted - as per Scrabble rules.
Article created on 17-November-2010.
This page was last modified on 04-Jan-2023